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Brent has been playing on boards since the late 80’s when he was one of the first snowboarders in central VT and had his first taste of wakeboarding on one of the early versions of a Skurfer, one of the first wakeboards made.  He has shared his love of board sports with his family and friends over the years in addition to becoming certified as an AASI instructor with 7 years of instructing and coaching experience.  Brent retired from United Airlines and decided to share his love of both Maine and boardsports by founding Central Maine Surf Company.  Brent is also a licensed associate real estate broker in the state of Maine.
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Max is a high-level competitive snowboard cross athlete who competes on the North American Cup circuit.  Max grew up on the water, starting to wakeboard when he was 8 years old.  Max is also an accomplished sailor and mountain biker who competes in the NEPSAC conference.  Max’s style and smoothness is unmistakable on the water.
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Sam is a rider who loves the flow and the feeling of board sports.  He's eager to share with people the thrilling “push” of a wake surf wave.  Sam is a competitive alpine snowboarder who races throughout New England.  Sam is a patient teacher who was initially scared to try wake surfing, but once he did he hasn’t looked back.  Sam knows what it takes to overcome any fears and can help support even the most timid of adults and kids to try new things.
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Sarah is the glue that holds everything together.  While Sarah isn’t active in the instruction of the CMSC activities she can be found helping out in managing reservations, marketing, and customer service.  If your time with CMSC went smoothly you can thank Sarah.
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The Boat

At the heart of any wake surf event is the boat.  There are wake surf boats, and then there is THE wake surf boat.  Our 2022 Mastercraft X22 is the most advanced wave-making machine outside of Mother Nature herself.  The one advantage we have is our boat isn’t finicky like Mother Nature.  The state-of-the-art technology on the X22 produces the biggest, most customizable, and reproducible wave in the business.  But while big is good, it isn’t just the size of the wave that matters.  It is also the shape and ability to create “push” that allows riders to stay on the wave with less effort.  We can shape the wave to help beginners have success faster, and then amp it up to allow for the advanced rider to have the perfect launching pad for any tricks they want to land.
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Great Pond

They say the circumstances make the man but we prefer to say the environment makes the experience.  And Great Pond is what makes wake surfing in Central Maine one of the coolest experiences in New England.  Great Pond is the setting for the Earnest Thompson movie “On Golden Pond”.  Sure it was filmed in NH, but he was writing about Great Pond and the colorful locals.  Great Pond is the largest of the seven lakes that comprise The Belgrade Lakes.  It is approximately 8400 acres with numerous islands, bays, and coves as well as many shallows.  While some hazards are marked, there are many others that are unmarked so local knowledge of the lake is a must for a safe experience.  It is not uncommon to see loons, ospreys, or eagles during our sessions.  Few places are as beautiful or as tranquil as Great Pond. 

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